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My goal is to provide a studio environment where every student can participate fully and succeed.  In order to do this, students will move at their own pace.  Some will take to certain skills faster or slower than others, and that's all okay - there is no set timeline.

To achieve a high level of growth and accomplishment, practice is required.  I never 'assign' practice or homework.   However,  I do build it into the lessons.  I begin each semester with skill building exercises that are intended to be 'practice pieces'.  They may not be the most exciting thing we do all year (although they are still fun), but they are foundational and necessary to progress.  I want students to understand this - not everything we do will be a masterpiece.  Some will, some will be practice, and that's okay.  As students develop and master skills, we work on more complicated pieces and 'finished pieces'.   Each student works and learns at their own pace.  For this reason, not every student will complete the same number of pieces each month or each year.  I believe it is better to do good work slowly, than mediocre work quickly.

It is my belief that art education is essential to education.   Students learn many valuable life skills when they study art. These skills include:  deconstructing problems & problem solving, non-linear thinking, creating cross-content connections, building and expanding creative thinking (it's a skill, not a talent), mental and physical stamina & dexterity,  time management, self-esteem, accepting constructive criticism, working with others, responsibility, confidence, striving for excellence, and many other things - not the least of which, is understanding how art influences the world (and the other way around) and finding our place in it. Every project includes elements of history, art history, skill building, and creative self expression.

At the beginning of each lesson, I demonstrate different techniques and methods of working.  Throughout the lesson I work individually with each student to meet them where they are to further their skill development and progress.  

Students are responsible for collecting their projects and materials at the beginning of each lesson and setting themselves up to work; and cleaning them up at the end.  Students need to follow all instructions and behave in ways that enhance the studio and learning.

** In the best interest of everyone involved, an adult caregiver should escort each minor student to and from the studio at the beginning and end of each lesson.  Parents/guardians may sign a release waiver if they prefer their child to sign themselves out of the studio.

Students pay monthly for a reserved time each week whether or not they can attend a lesson.  I do not charge extra for 5-week months, nor do I credit for shorter months. 

Students may make-up three missed classes per year for any reason by attending an additional class on an alternate day.  If make-up classes are not possible, I will credit the prorated cost of the lesson - up to three lessons per year.  

The studio will follow the Maplewood-South Orange school calendar.  When the schools are closed for break or holiday, so is the studio. 

Lessons will be offered during the summer. Taking lessons in the summer enhances a student's progress in many ways. I encourage students to continue their studies throughout the summer if they are able. I need to know who is returning in September if lessons are temporarily suspended during the summer. Please be courteous and tell me if you do not plan to continue your studies in the fall. Otherwise, I will assume that you will be returning as one of my students. 

The lesson fee is expected to be paid in advance at the beginning of every month. You may chose to select a subscription plan on this site which will automatically bill the card on file each month, or payment can be made by cash, or ApplePay.  Payments made outside of this site, will not bill automatically and will need to be made on the first of each month.

My studio is built upon referrals. Please tell your friends about my program. Thank you. 

Studio Policies: Welcome
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