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Whether you’re looking for consistent year-round instruction, semester-long building blocks, or artist-led workshops, Maplewood Arts provides a wide variety of options that can seamlessly fit into your schedule. Take a look at our available courses below.

Human Sketch
Carbon Sketching
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Ideal for students preparing a portfolio for college application.  Ideally, students begin 6-12 months prior to application deadline to build a portfolio of work, complete the school-specific application projects/assignments required for individual school applications, develop and write artist statements, select the most suitable works to support your application and complete the overall presentation.

Projects are entirely student driven.


Work with a Master Artist
10 week sessions

The Master Class program gives our students the opportunity to work alongside and learn from exceptionally prominent artists.  Master Classes provide opportunities for interaction with professional artists working in a variety of media and from a broad spectrum of the art world.  Working closely with these artists students are exposed to their opinions, motivations and methods, gain insight into how different artists approach the making of art.


16 week sessions

Intermediate courses are designed to teach students how to master skills and media, and then how to apply those skills to convey meaning resulting in work that is technically and formally sophisticated, exceptionally engaging, and authentic.  

Project complexity builds incrementally as students gain and master skills.  Instruction is primarily a guided-instructional model.  

Prerequisite: at least one Foundation course, or portfolio approval.

* May be repeated based on student skill level and interest. Projects do not repeat and become student driven over time.


16 week sessions

Foundation courses introduce students to the creative process, the proper way to construct an art piece,  and provides a solid foundation in skill building and media handling in both tonal and color media.  Both foundation classes move students through a series of exercises and projects designed to build skills slowly and incrementally, while allowing for individual student interests. 

Students may begin with either Light and Form, or Color, Form and Space and progress from one to the next upon completion, or they may choose to focus on one content area o and proceed to Intermediate study.

Students will move from a direct-instruction model to a guided-instructional model as they progress.  Both group and individual instruction is provided daily.

* Can be repeated.  Projects do not repeat and become increasingly complex and student driven over time.


Year-round  learning

This year-round experience for students provides exactly that: a foundation for everything in art and design. It all starts with introduction to multiple media, skill building, and core principles.  Together, you’ll learn what it means to learn in a studio environment, from demonstration to actively contributing through making, experimenting, and collaborating.  This year-round class  builds skills slowly and incrementally beginning with tonal media and progressing to color. 

 Students will move from a direct instruction model to a guided instructional model as they progress. Both group and individual instruction is  provided daily.

*Can be repeated.  Projects do not repeat and become increasingly complex and student driven over time.

Questions about our programs? Reach out today.

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